Skincare - The basics


First and foremost I think its really important to mention that I believe the way we look on the outside is a direct reflection of the way we care for ourselves on the inside. I've seen the most drastic changes in the health of my skin through a healthy diet and drinking TONS of good clean water. 

With that being said, I do love a good skincare routine. I've always been interested in trying new products and testing what works and what doesn't. Recently, I've been shifting to a more all natural, non-toxic range of beauty products. I would consider myself an amateur when it comes to clean beauty, but I've found a few products and practices that really work for me. 


Facial Cupping

Facial cupping uses small suction cups to move fluid along lymphatic pathways, lifting and massaging facial tissue. I try to facial cup 2-3 times a week for about 10 minuets. I bought my cupping set on Amazon for $12. 


  • increases oxygen-rich blood circulation to the skin
  • relaxes facial muscle tension
  • strengthens the skin and connective tissue
  • promotes lymphatic drainage 
  • relieves sinus pressure and congestion

How to

  1. cover face and neck with your favorite oil. I used Acure Seriously Glowing Serum
  2. squeeze suction cup, place at the base of your ear and move down your neck
  3. move up to your chin and across your jaw line
  4. move upwards to your cheek bones and pull outward 

  5. sweep across your forehead 

Jade Rolling


I absolutely love my jade roller. I use it almost everyday. I like to store it in the freezer and roll it across my cheekbones, over my jaw and under my eyes first thing in the morning starting towards the middle of my face and moving up and outward.


  • improves skin elasticity

  • reduces under-eye darkness
  • increases circulation and decreases inflammation 
  • eases jaw tension
  • promotes lymphatic drainage 
  • feels great!


Getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night is a crucial part of my skincare routine. I do my best to sleep on my back to avoid causing premature wrinkles from forming. I recommend investing in a silk pillow case for times when you can't help but turn over and sleep with your face on the pillow. Unlike cotton, which draws moisture from your skin, silk is naturally hydrating. 


One of the most important steps to acheive glowing skin is regular exfoliation. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin which promotes faster cell turnover, enabling new healthy skin cells to grow. It also allows serums and moisturizers to absorb into your skin better.

Muslin cloth

These lightweight pieces of woven cotton fabric are a perfect way to gently exfoliate the skin daily. I use mine to remove cleanser and face masks. Gently massage the cloth over the skin to buff away dead skin cells, dirt, excess oil and leftover makeup. 

Tata Harper Regenerating cleanser

I use this cleanser 3-4 times a week for gentle exfoliation. It has a light citrusy scent and feels amazing on the skin. Very regenerating indeed!

Tata Harper resurfacing mask

This mask is a bit of a splurge but it works wonders. It's a 100% all natural beta-hydroxy mask that works like a peel to remove surface debris and dead skin cells for an instant glow, smaller pores and smoother texture. I use it once or twice a week.

Other products I love