Whole30 Week One Recap

Hey guys, welcome to my Whole30 recap! When I did my first whole30 two years ago I would search the internet high and low looking for other peoples weekly experiences. I wanted to know what to expect and how everything worked. I found it super helpful and interesting to read weekly updates, so I thought I would share mine this time around. I think it’s important to note that no two people will have the same experience. I eat pretty close to whole30 day to day so the effects of the program might not be as dramatic for me as they would be for someone who is making a major lifestyle change. With that being said, I have noticed some changes already just in the first week. In preparation for our first Whole30 two years ago I did a LOT of planning. I mapped out all of our meals for the week and went grocery shopping for everything before it started. It was a big deal. This time around we took a more relaxed approach. We didn’t have much of a plan and I only went grocery shopping for the first couple of days. If you are new to Whole30 I highly recommend you have the book. I read it thoroughly and referenced it every day during our first round. I also can’t stress enough how important it is to have a plan. Map out what you’ll be eating each day and make sure to always have groceries stocked. It also helps to have a strong support system. The first time around I did it with my boyfriend Nate and this time I’m doing it with Nate and our roommate Dani. We are all in it together and holding each other accountable.


Day 1-2

Going into this I was coming off of a week long vacation where I indulged in some things that I don’t typically eat. Things like gluten, dairy and excess sugar really do a number on me. On day one I was experiencing brain fog, a major lack of energy, poor digestion and raging sugar cravings. For the first part of the day I did what I normally do when I feel this way. I drank tons of water, got in a good workout and ate a huge breakfast salad. Once the afternoon rolled around I hit a wall. This is when I typically reach for an afternoon coffee. Going into this I knew I wanted to cut back to one caffeinated drink per day. I made a habit out of reaching for something to give me energy mid day when most days I probably didn’t even need to. The first day was HARD. I’ll admit, I almost gave in and bought an iced coffee, but instead I went for a long walk outside and kept chugging water. Walks have been SO helpful. Whenever I felt like I wanted a snack or a sweet treat I would go for a walk instead. It really made me realize how little I actually needed the snack but instead just wanted it out of habit. One thing I love about whole30 is that it forces you to see the habits you’ve formed. Once the evening rolled around I started to feel extremely tired. I think my body was to running off of sugar and caffeine for a while so when I didn’t have those things my energy levels really started to take a dive. I made a big nutrient packed dinner and went to bed early. When I woke up on day 2 I still felt sluggish and a little moody to be honest. I went for another long walk, ate a big breakfast and started to feel better right away. I experienced a lot of the same sugar and caffeine cravings later in the day as I did on day 1.

Here’s an example of one of my go-to breakfast salads. Tons of greens, veggies and soft boiled eggs. I dress all of my greens in avocado oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. I also like to top my bowl with sesame seeds, salt, pepper and chili flakes.

Here’s an example of one of my go-to breakfast salads. Tons of greens, veggies and soft boiled eggs. I dress all of my greens in avocado oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. I also like to top my bowl with sesame seeds, salt, pepper and chili flakes.

Day 3-4

On day 3 I woke up feeling ALIVE. I jumped up out of bed feeling energized and clear headed. My digestion was finally back to normal after our trip and I felt a lot less bloated. I was still getting used to not having snacks here and there or dessert after dinner, but by this time it started to feel a lot easier. I was still getting to bed pretty early (around 9) but instead of waking up groggy, I was getting up early with tons of energy.

Day 5-7

Over the weekend my two friends and I went for a road trip up to Big Sur. I was pretty worried about what we would be eating since there aren’t many restaurant options in the area, especially ones that would be Whole30 friendly. Our solution was to bring a big ice chest full of pre-cooked foods to throw together. We brought our own bowls and utensils and put our meals together in our hotel room. We ate tons of veggies, roasted potatoes and protein. We snacked on things like nuts, seeds, fruits, sliced veggies and hard boiled eggs. Below is a list of everything we brought.


Road Trip Eats Whole30 Style

  • smoked salmon

  • grilled chicken breast

  • hard boiled eggs

  • organic turkey breast

  • tons of avocados

  • cucumbers

  • radish

  • roasted sweet potatoes

  • a big box of greens

  • shredded carrots and purple cabbage

  • pickled onion

  • micro greens

  • apples, berries and oranges

  • pecans, walnuts, pistachios and cashews

  • almond butter


Eating Out On Whole30

We did stop at one restaurant for lunch on our way to Big Sur. I forgot how hard it is to order something that is Whole30 approved, even at a “healthy” restaurant. You have to watch out for hidden ingredients that aren’t compliant. I ordered the grilled chicken salad with no dressing because all of their dressings contained added sugar and/or canola oil. I asked for extra lemon slices to use instead. I also made sure to ask what the chicken was seasoned with because some restaurants marinate their meat in oils and sauces that might not be compliant. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about whats in the food, but DO be extra nice and also tip your server accordingly for the extra time they might spend finding out for you.


What I’m Missing Most

The hardest thing to give up has probably been my nightly Eating Evolved Coconut Cups. Nate and I would share a pack almost every night. Although I think there is nothing wrong with having dessert after dinner, I do think it’s important to get in tune with your body and recognize when you really are craving it VS just having it because it’s a habit to do so. I’m also missing things like Simple Mills crackers, hummus, Kite Hill cream cheese and my chocolate milk drink. A great thing about eliminating these things is you save a TON of money. I think I’ll spend part of those savings on some kind of selfcare thing like a facial or a massage :)

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